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Re: 87 4kq clutch master cylinder

William Murin wrote:
> Colleagues:
> My q with its new clutch developed an interresting malady yesterday.  #2
> son was driving the car.  Push clutch pedal to floor and it stays there.
> Alternatively, push pedal to floor, and on the slow return back up it
> decides (all by itself) to go back down to the floor.
> Mechanic who keeps the car running says his best guess is that the clutch
> master cylinder is going bad.
> Is this a reasonable diagnosis given the symptoms as described?  The car
> has 157,000 miles on it and it is the original master cylinder.
> What is anyone's best guess as to the price of a new one?  rebuilt?
> Thanks--as usual
> Bill Murin

I rebuilt mine at 170,000 miles. Now somewhere around 225,000. I think
the rebuild kit cost me 8-9 dollars.


1991 200Q 
1995 LHS ( wish it were an AUDI)
1985 4000SQ