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UK Club

Two points, guys:

a) Maybe I was a bit hasty in posting the names and addresses of the
   officers on the Internet.  But - we have a problem.  Our Technical
   Secretary is being hauled out of his bed at all hours by phone calls
   from around the world.  Bad enough.  But a lot of the callers aren't
   known members, and a lot of the questions aren't about ur-quattros.
   It seems that other resources (Club Audi in the UK, for example) 
   don't provide a technical contact point,  Fair enough.  But for the 
   poor guy to get woken at 3:00am by a transatlantic call that is also
   terse (if not abusive) from someone who isn't a member and does not
   intend to become one, is a bit much.  Compounding it - it wasn't
   even a question about a quattro of any kind, much less an urq.

b) The UK Club now has an embryonic web site (there's nothing there yet,
   so don't get excited) at http://www.sievers.demon.co.uk/quattro.html -
   I would appreciate as many web page owners as possible carrying the
   URL for a couple of weeks to establish it in the web crawlers.
   We'll do something exciting with it next year.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club