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BOMB? Hydraulic Fluid Leak!

So, like a good boy, I knew that there were lots and
lots of postings on BOMBs gone bad in the archives,
and I looked there. All I found were notes on
how hard it was to push the pedal, etc etc etc.

Do I have a BOMB problem ???

So the 83 urQ is sitting now for two weeks as I
build up a waycool(tm-Glen) stainless exhaust system.
I know I could have saved a bunch of time, but
even though Ivor is such a nice guy, $795 cat back
is just too rich for me.

Anyways, for two weeks now, just sitting in one place,
and all of a sudden, a pint or two of ATF puddles underneath.

I looked, and found it was being squeezed out from
the top of the ATF tank, and dribbling down.

How odd, I said. I wonder if this could be related
to all the problems others have with their BOMBs.

Clues, anyone?

Glenn Lawton