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Audi swiches in Ferrari? Am I the only one to notice?

In message <Chameleon.842049856.ir000185@abdul> Todd Paciorek writes:

> The power mirror switches on the console are the exact units I have on the door of my Coupe quattro.
> Now, what does this information mean:

We had a debate here a year or two ago, as to whether the Audi designers kept 
calling up the Bosch designers with ever wierder requirements, or whether the 
Bosch designers went out on their own and called the Audi designers every week 
with: "Let's see you SOBs find a use for _THIS_ somewhere."

By default, of course, anything the Audi designers couldn't find a sensible use 
for went into the urq.

On a more serious note - I seem to remember that someone on the Internet had 
started an effort to document these "common parts" - like $4 Fiat fuel filters 
are identical to $50 Ferrari fuel filters.  I bought a set of wheel bearings 
from VAG at great expense - when I opened the pack, I found they were made by 
British Timken in Northampton about ten miles away.  I had paid a 350% markup 
for them to travel to Ingolstadt and back.  

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club