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Re: [Fwd: Re: Trip to Nuerburgring]

At 9:01 06/09/96 , Steve Barnes wrote:
>Does anyone have the dates for this convention?
>> > Just heard that a lot of ur-q's from the UK are on the way to visit
>> > the Nurburgringring.....

Club members are gathering in Dover on Sunday 28th Sept. to get the 8am
ferry to Calais, France. We are then heading straight to the Nurburgring
expecting to arrive approx. 13:00. Following 'a little spin (or two)' around
the circuit, were staying overnight in the Dorint Hotel which is on the
circuit. Next morning 29th we head off for Ingolstadt arriving around 16:00.
Overnight in Queens Hotel, Ingolstadt. Tuesday 1st October, visit to Audi's
personal Classic Car Collection, tour of Audi Centre with time to shop at
the Audi Boutique :) and tour of V8 engine production. Afternoon, tour of A4
and A4 Avant production and a visit to 'Hanger B21' the original quattro
production hall. Overnight in Queens Hotel. Wednesday 2nd October, travel to
Neckarsulm for tour of A6 and A8 production lines. Overnight in Insel hotel,
Heilbron. Thursday 3rd, rest day, sightseeing etc. Overnight Insel Hotel.
Friday 4th, 8am, end of club arrangements. Some people are heading straight
back to the UK while others are going home via Paris etc. My wife and I are
heading on to Switzerland for a few days in search of snow...well if I've
travelled this far I just have to try the quattro out!  I hope to get some
good photos of the trip and if someone can tell me how, I'll put them up for
all to see.

George Harrison,
Co. Kildare,

'85 ur-quattro
'86 80 Sport