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New quattro owner, many questions.

Greetings Quattro lovers!

I'm proud to declare that I took the plunge and bought a 1990 90Q20V
yesterday for a mere $11,400.00. It's in very good shape, metallic
silver/blue in color, with 74K worth of mileage on it.

I have reviewed the FAQ and archives on the Quattro list, but have not
found the information I was seeking, therefore, my questions are:

1) Tires. The darn car has 185 70 14 Firestone F560's on it!! I want to
   replace them with Dunlop D602A's, but what size? Should I get 195's
   or 205's??
2) Spark plugs. What, if any, is the consensus on the best s.p.'s for   
   the 20v??
3) Chips. Yes, das Superchip ist verbotten, but what other chip is worth
   purchasing and from what distributor??
4) Cat-back systems. Which one and where from?
5) What other standard (meaning non-esoteric and expensive)
after-market    performance upgrades are recommended??
6) QCUSA. There's been much grumbling about the QCUSA on this    list
recently. Is it still worthwhile for a newbie to join, especially one
who lives in the S.F. Bay area??

I look for to your responses and to becoming a regular contributor to
this list!!
* Robert Silverman / busmstr@california.com*
* 90 Quattro 20V, former owner 4000CSQ     *
* Oakland, CA                              *