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Re: A4 twin VW

At 17:20 9/1/96 -0500, human wrote:
>When I pulled into my parents house to visit in my first Audi (1980 5k)
>years ago, my dad said "it's just a volkswagen with four circles on the
>grille".  Fine with me.  I like volkswagens.  But this one had power
>everything, cruise, leather seats, and that "feel"

guess you haven't seen some of the latest Jettas or Passats, huh?  you could
have had a '92 GLI with power everything, and leather, too (maybe not
factory, but dealers have their ways).  Current GLXs (Jetta or Passat) are
also available heavily loaded.  And as I recall, the early Audis in this
country (100ls, Fox, early 4000) didn't have power anything--my '80 4k had
window cranks and unassisted steering.

As for the flap over Buick/Chevy engines, at one time, these were different
engines--a Chevy 350 was not a Buick 350 was not an Olds 350.  While the
consolidation (product line rationalization) is about economic necessity,
the general consumer doesn't understand that--hey, i paid for an Olds Rocket
engine, not a cheap Chevy (even if the Chevy might arguably be better).  

The issue IS status and perception, not necessarily value.  And the cultural
attachments in many emerging economies is even greater than here in the US.
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