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re: Chrysler LH AWD

I think I was thinking of the Peugeot that I am sure was all wheel drive
It was another econobox turned monster.  I cant seem to find the article that 
I had on it.

Pat Martin
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> That would be the R-5 turbo and it was all wheel drive.  Made to compete
> for the group 5 rally championship and won in 1985 and maybe other
> years.

The production ones were just plain ole' RWD ... I just took a look at the
one down the street this morning while walking my dog.  Someday, I need to
get a ride in that thing...

> Awesome road car that was only made for 2? years.

I don't know the specifics but there were two versions of this car built and
they were built for quite a few more years than two...

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