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Re: IC repair

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<< Uh... I think I could use that too.. >>
Take IC out of car....  You must look into IC from the bottom port to make
sure that the end cap gasket seals at the 1/2 way point, if it is pulled away
from the IC, then you have to pull the end caps off and get the rail pushed
down far enough to get the gasket to seal....  If it doesn't some of the air
is not following the proper route, decreasing the efficiency of the IC....
 Then put in gasket, put end caps back on, and recrimp with either channel
loks or vice grips....  don't overcrimp the ends, if you do you will crack
the end cap plastic (BTDT).....  Some folks with 2.0 bar have put straps on
the IC (pallet bands), others have epoxied a reinforcement at the crimps, and
the later 200 models actually have reinforcing clips for the crimps.....  All
of these have success, but I would want to have the option of doing it over
again, which means the clips or the band are prolly the best bet....   If
those of you with computer/WG spring mods haven't ck your IC lately, make
sure you look in the lower port to make sure the gasket is firmly in place on
the divider to the IC internally, lots of times you can have no leaks
externally, but the gasket is pulled off internally....