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I was coming home the back way Saturday evening and my eyes popped out
of my head.  A mile from my house at Cary Anderson's Import shop sat a
BMW 3.0 CSL in full Motorsport colors.  Huge rear wing, etc.  I found
out that some guy had bought it in Germany as a full race car (cage and
all), pulled the cage and made a street car out of it.  It has an M-6
transmission and a 4.5l inline 6 built by Schrick Cams.  Dual side
pipes.  The car needs a lot of work, but is for sale.  The body is very
straight and the owner has a COMPLETE history on the car.  Needs a
suspension and engine tune-up.  Cool thing is, I get to go over and help
Cary work on it this weekend.  The owner is asking $25K - he's going
back overseas and needs to sell.
Jeremy R. King  Clemson University, S Carolina, USA
///////////     '86 VW Quantum GL5     \\\\\\\\\\\\
 Rear Dynomax Glasspak, Hollow cat, Drilled Airbox
   Boge / KYB struts, Round 100W Driving Lights
\\\\\\\\\\\  Still Slower'n Christmas  ////////////