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tranny removal on 4000sq

Yes, it's come to this.  I've got the rear shaft and left axle
off, as well as the case bolts and the left tranny mount, but 
I can't move it enought to get inside yet.  Do I also need to 
remove the right axle and tranny mount?  If so, how do you get
there, as the axle is shielded by a metal cover, and to get to
that you must remove part of the exhaust.  (I can guess the answer
but perhaps there is an easier way...)

Since I have the axles down, is there anything I should do besides 
new grease?  Can I replace the inner CV boots without having to remove
the axle at the wheel? (I don't think I can, but maybe?)
How about at the rear driveshaft?  I disconnected it at the tranny
and noticed that there was some fluid weeping there, probably as
a result of my trying to move the tranny back with the axle in place.
Is there a seal I may have jarred?

Help!  Snow is coming soon!!!
(just kidding)

| Dan |