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Re: OUCH!!

Hairy green toads from Mars made Chris Lemon say:

> I just heard from a friend of mine who elected, against my advice, to
> drive his 5kcst w/ 150k miles on probably the original timing belt from NY
> to Georgia.  I bet you can guess where this story is going...  He said the
> belt broke when he was doing about 75 mph...and he was stranded on the
> side of the road for about 6 hours...
> Anyway, are turbo engines contact or non-contact?  I told him that I
> didn't know for sure but that they _might_ be non-contact due to a lower
> compression ratio vs. that of a NA engine.  Something tells me that he
> fried the engine, however...

NA 10V engines are non-interference. Turbo 10V engines are interference,
and will bend things that oughtn't be bent.

NA 20V are intererference, too, so I suspect are 20V turbos.


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