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RE: Replacement steering wheels

On Mon, 9 Sep 1996, Duff, Ian wrote:

> The momo wheel I have on my CQ is nice, but it obscures the speedo above
> about 60mph and the tach up to about 5500rpm. Real Nice to hold onto,
> would be better if it were mounted about 3" closer to me.

	Unless you have extraordinarily short arms, I think that you'd 
find that .5" or 1" would be just about right.  MOMO makes .5" spacers.  
Contact your local MOMO dealer for one.  They are about $20 if I remember 

	If you get a MOMO that is smaller than your stock wheel, then you
will have troubles reading the tops of your instruments.  I figure its a
small price to pay for the superior feel of a MOMO.   Their shift knobs 
are really nice too BTW.

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