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Throttle switch update [1]

Okay.. here we go. I pulled the switch, tried to get it apart without breaking
it. Thought.. maybe the problem is that the plastic pieces have worn.. since it
seemed to stick in its travel. I lubed it up with some WD 40.. and it got
WORSE! Now.. no amount of jiggling brings the car back down from 2K rpm at
Idle.  Jiggling the throttle pedal that is.

SO.. I need to assure myself (no daily afirmation jokes please) that the switch
is indeed the culprit of my trouble before I dump $65 outta my wallet. I talked
to LInda, and I can't return the switch if I install it. SO.. how do I tell
that the switch is indeed the trouble. 

Since lubing it seemed to make the trouble worse.. I think I can rest assured
that this is indeed the problem. BUT.. I'm not positive. Ugh. 

Maybe if somebody could explain how the switch works.. It would make my life
easier. I assume that the switch provides resistance which returns the car to
normal idle upon throttle release... right? Therefore.. lubing the thing.. just
made it worse because the switch wasn't providing much resistance before right?

But if that is the case.. why does unplugging the switch entirely, which
according to Orin should make it idle a bit better that 2K rpm, result in NO

Compounding the entire situation is that I'd like to fix the problem so I can
take the car into the Adirondacks this weekend.. WHICH means that I need the
part by Friday.. WHICH according to Linda.. means I need to order the part from
her by TOMMROW before noon (3pm EST). 

HELP!  OH.. and if anybody lives near here with a 5K/200 Turbo QUattro with
similar or identical switch.. could I test your switch in my car?

                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY