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Re: Replacement steering wheels

> That's why I do my Micheal Schumacher Impression (Lean my head to the 
> right) when I want to see the speedo...... The MOMO's do have a superior 
> feel....  The wheel in my 5K has been in 4 cars of mine and I'm not 
> getting rid of it!

I've got a Momo in my 200q -- it's the 4-spoke Olympic II model that Demon
Tweeks was closing out for L50 (approx. $100 delivered) -- and it measures
380mm in diameter, which is about the same as the OEM wheel.  It looks and
feels great and I can see all the gauges without moving my head!  Adapting
it to work on my previously airbag-equipped 200q is another story, though,
and not for the faint-hearted. 

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