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Audi Gods Have Smiled Down Upon My Coupe- Or not....

I am on a little trip to Atlanta and NYC so I decided to drop my 1990 Coupe Q
off at the "DEALER" to get worked on.  I had  a little rattle at certain
RPM's and at other times, like under braking or stearing during parkig
manuvers, my RPM's would drop (like a vac. leak.)

The Dealer has had my car for a week now, and has found NOTHING wrong with
it.  Cause for joy or for concern?  They say the buzzing comes from the K&N
filtercharger ("We've seen this before!") and refuse to touch the modified
part, and they claim to have plugged my car into an UberComputer and have
found nothing wrong with the engine.  

They were able to replace my burned out fog lights, though.  


Saam Gabbay
1990 Pearl Coupe Quattro 
And soon, a proud owner of a Trabant Quattro.