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Re: [Q] - 874KCSQ Clutch pedal

On Tue, 10 Sep 1996 SSMAUS@ccmail.monsanto.com wrote:

>      Hi,
>      I have a 87 4KCSQ that has 137K on it. For some time, my clutch pedal
>      does not come all the way up - thus I have to bring it back up with my
>      toe after every shift. I was suspicious that my master cylinder is
>      going out so I bought another one. However, what amazes me is that the
>      clutch action is fine. It engages and disengages properly and the
>      partially pressed clutch does not hinder the transmission.

I too have an 87 4kcsq.  New clutch went in at about 155,000 miles.  I 
had been experiencing intermittent problems as you describe before and 
after the clutch replacement.

Just last week I lost all hydraulic pressure in the clutch, but no 
visible leaks from wither master or slave.  New master cylinder is being 
installed this week.

Easy thing to do might be to bleed clutch and put in fresh fluid.  If 
that does not make the sympton go away and if the new master cylinder has 
been installed, then one of the guys on the lsit who really understands 
these cars will have to help.  I'm in over my head.

Bill Murin