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90 V8Q.....another new Audi owner w/questions

In message <3232EEA1@msmailgw> Andy Tiura writes:

> I got copies of the receipts and was mortified to find that the front
> rotors cost $350 each.  Post-purchase research indicates there's something 
> rather unique  about that model year's braking system.  What's the real 
> story here?

It's one of the ones they fitted with cheap rotors.

(Jeez.  Only $350 and he's complaining already ...)

> That same dealer's "used-car buyer's inspection" suggests that over the next 
> couple of years I will need shocks all 'round, belts, hood struts, and 
> possibly a power steering pump.  They also thought the rear crank seal might 
> be leaking a little.  The repair estimates they quoted for these items were 
> sobering... especially the pump and the seal....  but I bought the car 
> anyway.

What was the rear crank seal estimate?  The part costs no more than a cheap 
lunch.  It's getting to it that's the problem - reckon on up to ten hours 
labour.  Have the clutch done while you're there.  You'll _never_ get the fuel 
injection right if the rear seal is leaking heavily.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club