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Re: Re[4]: Radio Questions

crutchfield sells the removal tools; however, get 4 ~ 1/8" drill bits, stick
in the holes at the corners, push them to the outside (i.e, left & right).
radio should pull out; the power leads are in the largest of the three multi-
pin connectors.  You should notice two antenna leads; the upper one
is the front; the lower the rear.

manual sez if AM dead, check rear amplifier; if both dead, check both 
amplifiers.  I would doubt that it is wire, but by above procedure you should
get access to radio antenna connectors; do a continuity check to rear
amplifier connectro to eliminate wire as a problem.

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro

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<< Subj:	Re[4]: Radio Questions
 Date:	96-09-10 18:32:59 EDT
 From:	KSMITH1@mailgw.sanders.lockheed.com
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 Thanks Ray:
 I did those tests, but the direction to replace the amplifier if all 
 tests pass neglects the possibility that the intermediate coax cable 
 is broken or that the radio AM portion is broken.  I'm a tad loath to 
 spend $100/$150 for a new amplifier (or $??? for a used one) until I 
 test the cable and radio.
 Next I have to find out how to get the radio out of the dash without 
 removing the power; I did not get the code with the radio.
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