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Re: Dump valve + turbo hose

In a message dated 96-09-10 04:09:27 EDT, you write:

<< I have just blown up yet another hose @ 17psi of boost on overtaking a
 3000GT. Since I am tired of spending $64 a pop on the new ones, I am
 considering a dump valve, something similar to the ones used by Audi
 Motorsport.>>>>>  The 200t20v and the S4 use them in stock configuration,
your audi dealer should be able to get it....  Your saab dealer has the same
part much cheaper, you can go there too...

         Also refered to as a "pop-off valve"!  They actually work if you don't
want to go through replacing accordian hoses and the expensive of a custom Spea
rco intercooler.  The $120 pop-off valve is a much cheaper alternative.

 >>>>>3. TAP is selling a rugged silicon rubber aftermarket replica of the
 hose @ $115. It is blue, approx.20-25cm long, the wall must be 5-6mm thick,
 reinforced with thread. It fits a number of cars if trimmed and is probably
 made in GB. Ivor showed it to me @ Watkins Glen in July. Looks impressive.
 Does any one have an opinion? >>>>>  See above...

         I would reccomend these neat hoses I found in the back of the SCCA mon
thly mag.  They are the Sampco hoses, and they look very nice!  And, best of al
l, they are real rugged!  I'd look into them.

 >>>>>4.And lastly, why the 200TQ's 20v also blow them up, even though they
 factory dump valve>>  Two reasons:  1) it is the combination of oil in the
accordians and pressure that deteriorates the hose over time, and 2) the dump
valve from the factory may not flow enough air fast enough to take pressure
off the IC hose and IC end caps.....

       One question I have is: where does all that oil come from???  Last time
I had the accordian off my car, I washed it out thoroughly in my sink.  Pretty
mucky in there!