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Trade: Coupe GT for 4000csq

I have a really nice coupe GT that I will be willing to trade for a 4kcsq  
in great shape. 

1986 Coupe GT

-5 spd
-118k miles, owned by audi mech. 
-red w/ grey cloth

NEW pirelli p-6 tires

in vg. shape, but 4kcsq is more practical, and I don't like the Coupe Rear
end much. If I can't find a 4k in near excellent shape, I will keep the coupe.
the coupe is in great shape, less two minor spots of surface rust, one 1cm in 
diam. the other 3cm in diam. The car runs & looks great. Need 4 doors...

The likely candidate for swap must be:

nice shape (no rust, etc.)
less than 120k miles
prefer red

Thank You For Your Help, I know these Coupe GT's are hard to come by...

Nate Gingras.