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Questions about suspension for '86 4kQ

--I'm about to put new shocks and struts into my newly purchased 80,000 mi.
'86 4kQ...considering Boge Turbo Gas or Koni adjustables of some kind.
Several questions.. 
1- Does Eric Fletcher offer a suspension kit yet for my car? If not, when?
...I can wait a little while. (Eric, please answer this...I don't have your
email address handy.) 
2-What other parts, bushings + such, should I replace at the same time? 
3-Although Konis are substantially more expensive, I get the impression
they last longer as well as handling better, thus negating the added
original cost. Does anyone know anything about this? 
4-If I get Konis, is the ride liveable traversing NYC's nasty steets? I'm
familiar w/the Boges, had them on my previous 4k, they were fine for that.
My wife uses the car daily to drive into the city, and although I don't
mind a little S+M in the name of driving pleasure, I don't think she'd be
happy with a road-pounder, no matter how much better it handles. 
5. WHICH Konis?