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Re: [Q] - 874KCSQ Clutch pedal

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>Subject: 	[Q] - 874KCSQ Clutch pedal
>On Tuesday, 10 September, 1996 10:08 AM, SSMAUS@ccmail.monsanto.com wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I have a 87 4KCSQ that has 137K on it. For some time, my clutch pedal
>     does not come all the way up - thus I have to bring it back up with my
>     toe after every shift. I was suspicious that my master cylinder is
>     going out so I bought another one. However, what amazes me is that the
>     clutch action is fine. It engages and disengages properly and the
>     partially pressed clutch does not hinder the transmission.
>     Has anyone experienced anything like that on their Audi? Also, where
>     can I get a good manual on my car. I have a Hayes on Audi 4000 but it
>     does not help a lot.

I had the exact same problem show up over the past 8-9 months in my 87
4kcsq.  When I was under the dash anyway this summer to replace the throttle
connection donut, I looked at the linkages.  Apparently, through wear of
bushings etc, an overcenter condition had emerged, causing the pedal not to
return fully from the floor.  
BTW, this condition will cause the cruise control not to function, as it
senses the clutch pedal being in the "not fully released" position.  

I disconnected the clutch rod, and watched the linkage.  There seemed to be
no functional problem, so I readjusted the rod linkage (two nuts, twist the
shaft) so that the clutch would engage a little higher off the floor.  So
far, no problems, feels like new...

The best available manual for your car is the Bentley manual, available from
dealers and several aftermarket sources.  Expensive (I paid $85), but worth it.
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