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Help! - door handle broke

Hi tech wizes, gotta question:

Well, it has finally happend to me. The LF door handle's trigger snaped 
under my finger several weeks ago. I have temporarily swaped triggers with 
the LR door only to lose this one today. Now the whole left side is 
anaccesible. The worst part is that it all happened on my wife's 
FOX machine.  Now she gets to go around in order to get in, AND @ a gas 
station try not to shut the door with the engine running. If I fail to fix 
it TEMPO she'll probably divorce me. Or reposess my 200TQ. Naaah, better 

Since the whole car is only worth about twice as much, as the door handle it 
is screwed to, the prime objective is to spend as little money as possible.

I have pretty much ruled out the yard option, it makes no sence to get the 
same fatigued s**t.

Of the remaining options there are two:

1. A rebuild kit from "Mountain", $15 - bare, $30 - w/tool. Any info on 
longevity? The rebuild itself is a piece of cake.

2. A JC Whitney (don't laugh) sells a complete new handle w/lock for $19.95.
I don't need a lock, though.

I am still wondering how come it never happened on my long gone '85 5000s 
FWD. I had virtualy EVERY damn problem, that model year is so famous for.
Except for the auto tranny, mine, naturally, had a 5 speed. On the bright 
side it was a crush course in Audi tech, got to know them fairly well.

A quick response can save the marriage!

Igor Kessel,
'89 200TQ, chipped and MOMO'ed through out,
in Tornado "arrest-me-officer" Red;
'88 Fox, "the FOX-machine";
ex '85 5000s, "the EE's nightmare"
Phila PA, USA