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ABT A4 from Hoppen

                Today I got ABT catalog from Mr. Hoppen without asking for it !
  Thanks god I'm on his customer record even I'm very far from his company.
                What he has are
        1. Front spoiler ,cool,But ABT doesn't make side skirt ot rear bumper
        to match this one,so the car look weird when looking from the side
        because its nose is lower than door sills or rear  bumper.
        2. ABT Sport rear muffler ,this one is interesting.
        3. ABT Sport suspension package 30-50 mm lower
        4. ABT Sport steering wheel (with airbag) ,It looks much better than
        airbag steering  wheel (even Ferrari's) but if you already have Audi
's sport airbag
        steering wheel,It won't looks any better (actually Audi's more
        5. Rear wing .
        6. 15,16,17,18 ABT rims.
        7.210 HP/6000, 290 Nm/1990. kit for V6 2.8  (Torque is much improve
on every rpm )
        8. 193-285 HP kit for 1.8T (four stages)
                He has torque and power curves compared to original engine
on every stage
        of his ( ABT ) mods.
        9. Interior stuff