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Assessing long-term longevity

I've decided it's time for me to make up my mind about my current
car: the '89 100Q. It has 130K miles on it, pretty young by Audi
standards, but I've been thinking about trading up for a wagon.
Gotta put that 4-legged bonehead somewhere....

Anyway, the car goes in for inspection this month, and I'm going to
have my mechanic (who knows a LOT about various Audis) go over it
with a fine-toothed comb to see what he thinks the prospects are for
it going another 100K without bankrupting me.

The suspension in freshly revamped and in great shape. Engine and
drivetrain *seem* quite strong. Wheel bearings and brakes are fresh.
What I'm going to get done:

	* Change gear oil to a good synthetic
	* New battery time
	* Check persistent oil leak (likely the pump: $$$)

Anything else worth doing prophylactically at this age?

Now, what should I have the mechanic look at? Is a compression test
worthwhile? No oil burning noticed. Any way to check the "quality"
of the engine (open head to examine cylinders?) or drivetrain?
Anything worth checking on the frame/subframe?

Or, am I just being too paranoid about all of this. After all, 130K
is barely getting started for most Audis. I'd just hate to hunker down
for the next 5 years, then get walloped with a $1000 repair bill for
something I could have inspected.


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