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85 5k A/C suction hose

     Fellow listers...

     I'v just replaced my dead 86 5K a/c system with an 85 vintage setup.
     After much excitement at the prospect of cold air and a wife no longer
     nagging about her messy hair, I found that the suction hose from the
     compressor to the accumulater is a foot to long and has the wrong
     angle fitting on it.

     So I'm looking for a generous soul who has a hose from the 85 or older
     style system that they are willing to part with for a reasonable sum.

     Also, there is a small bracket mounted on the front of the oilpan just
     behind the crank pully which connects to a support strut for the
     compressor.  Somehow I missed it when I pulled parts from the donor
     vehicle which is no longer availiable.

     If anyone has these two parts, PLEASE call me or E-mail with your
     response.  My wife thanks you so much!!

     Brian Vinson

     86 5kcstq with 4/40mph A/C and many goodies to come

     W: 313-493-2897
     H: 810-548-8735