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Valentine-1 Wiring

Sorry, I forget who originally asked this question.
I just looked at my V-1, here's how it's wired:

The connector (RJ11?) has six available pins, of
which only four are typically populated.  I used
a standard telephone cable with connectors at
each end, and cut an end off.

The center two pins of the connector are used
for power on the V-1.  The outer four may be
no-connects, or possibly used for some other
purpose... I don't know.  Anyway, for naming sake,
take your V-1 and look straight into the power
connector.  The front panel of the V-1 will be
on your left, and the rear of the unit (the
side that faces forward when mounted) will be
on your right.  Letter the six connector pins
A,B,C,D,E,F, left-to-right.

Pin D: Positive (+12V)
Pin C: Negative (ground)

On my standard telephone cable, the green wire
gets +12V, and the red wire is ground.

Hope this helps.  Oh, and consider it to be worth
what you paid for it... I'm NOT buying anyone a new

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q