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Changing 5k struts, again

I started  shopping for Boge TG today and it looks like RD Ent. has the best 
price at $252.  I'll try to get GPR to match ($269) since I need to get 
strut bearings, boots and bump stops from them.  Question:
when using the mystical Zelenda tool to remove strut insert in the car,
1. can boots, rubber stops and bearings all be changed from the top? It 
appears so.
2. I assume I need to pump the old oil out somehow, any ideas short of 
mouth-to-shock suction?

BTW, I got OEM FAG wheel bearings at GPR for $38.


Steve Jagernauth         sjagernauth@attmail.com
'87 5kcst, '88 5ks, '74 911/3.0