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Laser Speed Detection

Had the nasty experience of getting caught in the local Laser trap...

Anyway, in my research to beat the ticket (court date 9/16) I came 
across lots of nifty stuff on the web.  Found (and joined) the National 
Motorists Association at www.motorists.com.  At their home page they have 
links to Laser stuff, in particular a German study on Laser 
effectiveness, and a recent landmark New Jersey court case. Here's a 
"The LTI 20.20 is constructed like a pistol with a sight on top. The LTI 
20.20 can also be used with a shoulder
mount. The laser beam leaves the unit through the lens and parts of the 
reflected beam meet in the receiving lens
where they are further processed. The manufacturer s printed material 
states that the diameter of the beam from the
laser gun is 2 feet at a distance of 1,300 feet. The laser is a 
semiconductor diode laser working in the infrared range
of 904 nanometers (nm), which is invisible. The laser beam itself, is fed 
by three semiconductor laser diodes
mounted side by side. The viewer mounted on the unit can be adjusted with 
a screw. There is no magnification on
the viewer. The distance from the center of the lens to the center of the 
viewer is about 2 inches. According to the
manufacturer, the LTI 20.20 makes its measurements on the principle of 
"distance variation through time variation,"
and the changes in cycle time of infrared pulses are sent on to a 
microprocessor which calculates the speed. If there's
a possible error in measurement, the unit gives an error signal."

By the way the correct scientific term for the device is "Lidar"

I'll give you an update if I'm successful on Monday.


'88 80q