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Re: Rad Fan

Sam, On your 4k the rad has 2 fans, 1 has a motor, the other is driven 
via a belt from the motor driven one. Is the belt driven one
operational? I have seen them sieze and cause the motorized one to go 

The motor part # should be 811 959 455, only the four cylinder Audis
and  certain VW's use this fan motor.  The 5k series uses four different 
type of fan motors, which are much larger than yours. Most common is a 
350mm unit which runs at 250/150 watts. The Q's and 5kT's use a 352mm 
500 or 700 watt unit.

 The 4kQ's and Coupe GT use a simular fan motor, as far as fit, but the 
4kQ's  fan motor is rated at a higher wattage.

Now you might be able to fit an 88 80's fan. Except that you will need 
a three prong  hookup!

Best bet, call around to "all" the audi yards and ask for that 
particular motor.  Get price quotes, and go with the best one. 
Also make sure the nonmotorized fan turns freely too!