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Re: brake light indicator - PA or pads?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Scott Bermes say:

> My previous experience with the brake light indicator (same indicator 
> as ebrake, not the brake chime above the trip computer)coming on when I 
> press the brake pad was a bad pressure accumulator.  I did the pump 
> test and after 2-3 pumps, the indicator illumunates (spelling?).  Is it 
> a bad PA or is there a chance my front pad sensors are telling me my 
> pads are low?

Was just there.

This is the classic symptom of a dead/dying PA. The brake pads give
the brake chime and the auto-check display of a brake drum/shoe.

However, this symptom is also sometimes caused by low pentosin in
the steering fluid reservoir. Check the level and refill if needed.
This was my problem last week. $5 of pentosin beats $350 of PA.


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