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CB & Bomb

Dan said:

> Just a minor nit here... there's bits of truth in each of
> these comments.  Jim was essentially correct.  Igor was correct
> in saying that the car is a ground, but it isn't just the
> high position that "counts".  For vertical antennas, the
> efficiency is greatly increased by having a surrounding
> conductive ground plane as large as possible.  This is by
> *far* the most important effect of having the antenna in the
> middle of the roof, especially when we're talking about
> wavelengths as large as CB.
> Dan Masi

Ditto.  The ground plane for the antenna has a very significant 
affect on performance.  Mount a big whip antenna on the back bumper 
of a sedan, and you get great range in front, not much behind.  Ideal 
placement is as near the center of the body metal as possible for an 
equal ground plane.

Also - as to the ranges for CBs reported here - I've been using 
them on and off since 1975, and still have my good old  23-channel 
Cobra SSB machine (a monster).  Using AM, I find that expecting range 
of more than 3-5 miles under most circumstances is pushing it.  And 
although SSB is capable of much more range, it's not useful for 
highway information.  Of course, you CAN get into a place with some 
skip or a flat plain where range is longer, but that seems like the 
exception to me.

loren01@ix.netcom.com (Scott Bermes) asked: 
> My previous experience with the brake light indicator (same indicator 
> as ebrake, not the brake chime above the trip computer)coming on when I 
> press the brake pad was a bad pressure accumulator.  I did the pump 
> test and after 2-3 pumps, the indicator illumunates (spelling?).  Is it 
> a bad PA or is there a chance my front pad sensors are telling me my 
> pads are low?

Textbook test which tells you your PA is weak.  Your car is the right 
age for this.  Pads are easy to check, however.....but it doesn't 
take multiple pushes to get that warning.  Everytime you push the 
brake, you bleed some rpessure out of the bomb.  If you get that 
light after two or three, it's "da bomb".  Try Blaufergnugen for the 
best price I've found...@$160.  Made a BIG difference.  Don't mess 
with used ones!!!!!!!!!!!