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RE: Brake pad recommendations

>I need new pads for an 87 5kCSTQ.  I've had Metal Masters and
>have been highly unimpressed.  Agressive street driving, no
>track.  Has anyone used Ferrodo's street compound?  Where
>can you find them?  What about Carbon-Kevlar pads?  Or the

Hi Scott,

	This month's "EUROPEAN CAR" mag, as I'm sure many listers already know,
has a fairly detailed evaluation of about 7 or 8 different brake pads, no
carbons that I recall. Granted, they are tested on a VW GTI (I think?), but
this may give you something to start with...plus what the list contributes.

	BTW, the Metal Masters faired poorly in their tests; if I remember
correctly, they referred to them as a nice older compound that's been around
for a while. The stock pads fell in the middle of the pack!!



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