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Re: brake pads and EC

Ferodos have always been superior to Metal Masters....1/ they worked 
better....2/they did not destroy rotors..... 3/They are truly European 
Race pads.....

On Wed, 11 Sep 1996 JEFDO@aol.com wrote:

> Pagid, Metal Masters, Ferrodo....
> This months issue of European Car did a GTI brake pad test, and the street
> and race Ferrodo's came out way above Pagid and Metal Masters(I think). So
> now its cool carbons?
> With our much heavier cars, can we use this test as a benchmark? I know that
> Hoppen, Ned, and the Anderson Bros. sell Pagids, which I guess should mean
> something. Anybody have any other test results or personal comparisons.
> Hasta,
> Jonathan Fenton
> Montpelier, VT
> '93 S4sIA3