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Re: WTB Wheels/'844kq

At 02:24 PM 9/13/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Would like to buy some nice wheels for my '84 4000q. Looking for the turbo
>type...decided to paint and polish everything.
>So while I'm at it...anyone have anything I might be able to use? Looking
>for front air dam , fog lights, dash that's not cracked. I'm going to
>bring this car back to as near as showroom as I can get it.
>By the way, It's going to replace the '84 coupe that my son cracked up
>this summer.
>Might say it's going to be a father son project.
I guess by "turbo type" you mean the multispoke Ronals.  These wheels are
plentiful as they also appeared on the 5k non-turbo cars with the same
4-bolt pattern.

I read another reply that recommended the TSW Hokenheims (sp?) from Discount
Tire.  All the Audi fitments are LONG GONE (at least a month).  Also that
post mentioned not seeing an older style dash that was not cracked.  Here in
the NW I haven't seen a single one that was cracked.  I have a spare, but
its is just that, a spare for my TQC.  I may be seriously hurting for cash
soon though, so who knows...


John Karasaki

Quattro Club (regional & national) member