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Re: Rad Fan

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Chris Semple wrote:
Actually, the dimensions on the 4000q/coupeGT rad fans are dramatically
different. Much larger unit on 5cyl motors.

Mike Tipton Asked,
I didnt think a 4KQ & GT  came with anything except a I5!!??
I could be wrong?

The diesel 4k in my field has the radiator in front of the engine (like
normal cars) with two fans driven by one motor.  All the l5 cars had the
radiator moved out of the way of the front cylinder, to the left side, and
have one bigger fan driven by a bigger motor... my coupe currently sports a
fan & motor from an 80 5k.  I think only "basic" 4k's, ie 4E, diesel, etc,
had the 4 cyl motor and hence the double fan/one motor setup.

To the original poster - of course this means I have one I don't need.  Does
it work? I dunno.  If you need, I could check 4U.

human out

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