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RE: No Audi content, but interesting ovloV deal

>Also, I have heard some aquisations that Volvo basically copied Audi's
>20V I-5 design for the 850R.  I don't know how much truth there is to it,
> but I find it kinda odd how the Volvo I-5 is 2.3 liters, and the hosepower 
>and torque are very close.  The layout is also very simmilar with the 
>exception that the Volvo's engine is horizontally mounted while the Audi's 
>are longitudal. Well, looks like they took a great desighn and ran with it, 
>and once again, Audi gets's nopublicity/credit.

I've scrutinized my buddy's 850T engine - looks suspiciously similar. I 
asked an AoA rep about it on the introduction of the A8 and he confirmed it.
I also asked about the upcoming AWD 850, and he confirmed licensing of the Q 
technology to them. He said, though, that that was a 3rd generation Q - let 
them have it. A4 uses the 5th one, e.g. ovloV is always behind Audi.

True, but it is a shame, that the best engineering house (Audi) does not get
the well deserved publicity and respect, at least here, in the US of A. The 
perception of the common folk is that ovloV is a better car!!! I am not even 
talking about the Altimate Bragging Machine, or a Merciless Benz!

Audi keeps inventing things (just look at the latest example- the virtual 
steering axis on A4 and A8 control arms - what a brilliant mechanical 
solution!) and others rest on the Audi's laurels, when they implement them.

That sucks!

"Why would anyone in a right state of mind buy just a car,
when the mankind has invented a QUATTRO!"
Igor Kessel, Phila, PA, USA