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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1024

>beaking exhaust studs.
>my audi tech dosent want to or dosent have the time to do the laborus task.
>lucky my jap mechanic volunteered his time. combined we dont have much if
>any knowledge on how to get the manifold off. once we have it off my audi
>guy will replace the studds and reinstall the mani. i do know that i have to
>get the mani resurfaced. any other steps
>to make this job ANY EASIER would be very helpful. we will be starting this
>on sat 9-14
The absolute easiest way I have found is to full the head.  Just 
disconnect the exhaust flange from the manifold.  Pull head with intake 
and exhaust manifolds attached.  then remove the exhaust manifold and 
have it resurfaced.  I have successfully managed to remove manifolds with 
the head still on the block,  but the time it took was considerably more 
than it takes me to r+r a head.

Justin Riley.
1987 Coupe GT 2.3l and fun as hell!
Former AUDI dealer mechanic, perpetual Home mechanic:)