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Re: UrQ bomb replacement

Steven Buchholz wrote:
> > wait a sec!  my bomb/valve assy is one piece.  are you saying the urq has
> > the actual PA separate from the check valve?  this seems similar to the
> > 7 series bmw setup and should make PA replacement cheaper than replacing
> > the entire thing.  does anyone know if this is a direct swap and what the
> > price difference is between the two setups?  anyone have part numbers?
> I can confirm that it is threaded into the valve/regulator assy.  I've
> heard for years that a BMW part can be used, but since I haven't had
> the need I haven't actually tracked it down myself.  I know of someone
> who has told me that he has a BMW part installed on his QTC.


I was the one who indicated I had replaced my bomb with a BMW 
part.Your notes got me off my duff to pull the part number off. 
Had a heck of a time. Didn't want to pull the bomb. Finally used a mold 
impression material and read the numbers off a mirror.

Here's what I found

		ATE  10.0515-0504.1  100bar 0.48L


Good luck.