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Re: Borken door lock

Igor Kessel wrote:
> Hi Mike:
> >          Need some help with my Father's 89 200.. From what i was
> >          told it seems that the door lock on the drivers side is
> >          broken.  The key will go in the lock and turn both ways but
> >          the doors wont lock or unlock from that side, It does
> >          however activate and deactivate the factory alarm?
> >
> >          So is the lock busted or what?.. And easy fix??
> >
> >          help is much appreciated!!
> Hardly the lock.
> Should be an easy fix. Probably one of the levers jumped off. Maybe the
> plastic locking piece just snapped. Take the upholstery off, it is very
> easy. I betcha its a 10 min fix.
> "Why would anyone in a right state of mind buy just a car,
> when the mankind has invented a QUATTRO!"
> Igor Kessel, Phila, PA, USA
> a6561TB@gnn.com

I agree with Igor...probably the plastic locking piece.  I have an 88
5KS that had the same problem when I bought it.  The previous owner
would have to unlock the doors from the passenger side.  I took off the
door panel, located the lever and the plastic locking piece had broken
off.  Just a little wire wrap to take the place of the plastic locking
piece did the trick.  Its been working fine for over 10 months now.

Henderson Nuuhiwa

'85 BMW 735i
'86 5KS (engine fires but won't start - thermotime sw or cold start
'88 5KS