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A4 Accelerator Vibration

I wonder if any of you A4s out there had this experience. I found the
accelerator pedal vibrates on freeway speed when I am not exerting pressure
on the pedal, i.e. constant speed.  If I exert force on the pedal to increase
speed it goes away.  Took back to the dealer says normal.  It happens after
my 7500 miles service (or when I first notice it).  Could be irritating
sometimes when I am just cruising.

My observation is the pedal is pivot pretty loose as it allows left/right and
up movement at rest.  One could easily shake it by hand.  My other cars
(Japanese and American ones) seem to be fixed at rest that is the spring does
not allow it to move left or right or up except down which should be correct.

Any advice or opinions would be apprciated. TIA.