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Carlsen Audi

There have been some grumblings about Carlsen on the list and I'll be the 
first to admit that when Carlsen says "I'll call you right back" you had 
better call back yourself but $83 for my 1983 UrQ Bomb was a steal. The bomb 
and another order arrived right on time as promised. Thanks to the listers who 
were talking through the bomb problems recently. I replaced mine and suddenly 
I have panic braking capability. Thanks. I was surprised to find after looking 
through my warranty book that my UrQ was purchased at Carlsen in 1983 and 
driven to Denver by the original owner. First oil change was in Salt Lake 
City. Maybe this highway break-in is the reason for my 180,000 mi and still 
running strong.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ
1982 Coupe.