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Re: A4 Reliability

Mitchel Freedman wrote:
> ...common thread from reply to reply was concerning the reliability of Audi 
>(based on previous M/Y) and that that was the main reason to stay away from them....


I think that you will find, reading the posts in this list, that many
Audi enthusiasts regularly fix and upgrade their cars. Does this mean
that Audis are unreliable? I think not.

I have driven 203k(4kq)+165k(4kq)+68k(20VCq)+52k(20VCq)+6k(urq)=494kmi!!
and I have never taken the head off of any of my Audis. (knock wood)

Do the door handles need replacement? yes.
Do you need a new clutch at 195k? yes.
Sometimes do the switches and window lifts fail? yes.

Are these serious? no.
Do these equal unreliability? no.

Glenn Lawton

ps I have heard of, but not experienced, more serious pre-1987 5000 problems