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Re: A4 Reliability

True for two wheel drive car vs. two wheel drive car.

Does not apply to all-wheel-drive vs. two-wheel-drive. On AWD you have more 
traction to start 
with. Two more wheels with traction is a hell of a lot more than advantage 
gained by optimum wheel spin. 
What about AWD with 10% slippage... just a thought.


On Sun, 15 Sep 1996 STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:

> >No
> >wheelspin = high initial acceleration.
> Yes but a tire woking at optimum slip (Read Wheelspin) which is around 
> 10% Higher than road speed will accelerate the fastest..... NJTH.
> Later!
> Eric Fletcher
> St. Louis, MO
> STEADIRIC@aol.com