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Re: Batteries

Whoa, Steve!
See the post about the Audian that has his car burn when the fat guy sat on 
the back seat and the wire frame from the seat shorted the battery that was 
out of place.  Caution... here.  I also suspect that "sealed" does not mean 
what you think it means.  Not positive, but I think sealed means that you 
can't service it.  It still out-gasses, but there is no vent on your battery. 
I have none on my 90V8 either and did not on my 86 5KTQ without any problems.
As to the terminals being swapped(!) I think you got the wrong battery. 

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, steveb@falcon.kla.com (Steven Buchholz) wrote:
>> The battery on my '90V8Q decided to go south this weekend. ....

>I went out and bought an Optima battery and installed it yesterday.  I
>like the fact that it is a sealed battery (since the battery is under the 
>seat), and the review in EC said that the 800 amp cranking really helped 
>get the starter spinning.  .... The measurements of the 
>Optima are similar to those of the OEM, with the Optima being a little 
>taller.  Even though there wasn't a hold down "shelf" on the new battery, 
>I did use the metal hold down bracket to keep the battery from sliding 
......the terminals are swapped,
>if I had a longer ground strap I could have made it work with the term-
>inals closer to the front of the car, but I ended up having to install 
>the battery with the terminals facing the rear of the car (standard).  
>There was sufficient service loop on the + lead, and Ireoiented the 
>ground braid to come up closer to the neg terminal.  

>>Steve Buchholz
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