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Batteries and Lubricant....

Roland Broberg <broberg@cpg.mcw.edu> said:

> Whoa, Steve!
> See the post about the Audian that has his car burn when the fat guy sat on 
> the back seat and the wire frame from the seat shorted the battery that was 
> out of place.  Caution... here.  I also suspect that "sealed" does not mean 
> what you think it means.  Not positive, but I think sealed means that you 
> can't service it.  It still out-gasses, but there is no vent on your battery. 
> I have none on my 90V8 either and did not on my 86 5KTQ without any problems.
> As to the terminals being swapped(!) I think you got the wrong battery. 

I agree.  You really DO need:

1)  Correct HEIGHT battery  (gotta clear the seat - flatter than 
2)  An insulator over the (+) terminal to prevent shorting to the 
seat springs
3)  Vent to connect to silicone tube which carries gasses outside 

If you don't have all three of these, you have the wrong unit.  FYI - 
I'm running the $80 Sears Diehard International series battery.  
Works fine.

And someone else said:

> According to a service receipt left in the car, the former owner of my '90 
> V8Q paid $271 for the battery (and $35 for installation) at the dealer.   Is 
> this form of extortion normal?  Or is there something REALLY special 
> about that genuine Audi  battery?
Pardon me, but GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZ!  The only special 
feature that battery came with was the proverbial personal lubricant!!

If Audi dealers can get this $$$$$$$$$$, we're ALL in the wrong 
business, friends!!!!