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RE: A4 Reliability

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, Jonathan Linkov wrote:

> Buy the A4 that you want, with the options you want, plus the one you CAN'T 
> get on the 328I (we all know what it is) and be assured the reliability is 
> fine.  I have had my A4q since April.  I have over 13k on it and have had 
> exactly one proble:  the driver window sometimes does not auto up.  That is 
> it.  No build quality problems, no engine problems, none of the poor quality 
> of materials or fit problems that 328's have.  And it STILL is not nearly as 
> common as the 318ti/318i/328i and is's that are all over the road.  Pocket the 
> change and be happy, especially if you live in a snow zone.

EXTREMELY will put!


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