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Re: A4 "Better" than an M3 for 6K?


See marked section below.  

They ain't no way you could even keep close to just a stock A4Q with an M3
on wet/slushy/snowy roads.  You will have great trouble even keeping the M3
*ON* the road, much less making good speed with it.  Good studded snow tars
all 'round would help the bimmer but it still will be all over the place.

BTDT - have the t-shirt.

Now, if we are talking dry weather and clear roads, maybe ya gotta point.
However, if you let me pick the roads (meeting the dry/clean specifications)
you might still have a race on your hands, especially if we include that $6K
worth of mods mentioned below.  :-)

At 04:53 PM 9/16/96 -0700, you wrote:
>>Or take the 6 grand and modify the Audi to your liking. There are 
>>many ways you can change the car's power output and handling w/out 
>>voiding the warranty. $6000 applied properly to an A4 could make it 
>>faster and crisper than an M3, betcha. 365 days a year. And check out 
>>the last few years of Audi ratings in J.D.Power and Consumer
>>Reports...way up there. No contest, buy the A4Q or wait for the S4. 
>I'll take that bet.  No way are you going to get an A4 "faster and
>crisper" than an M3 for 6g's.  Suspension/engine/exhaust/etc mods, maybe
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