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Re: Battery Rip off

Folks, the most I've ever paid for a battery, for me Audi was $80

I, yes I, installed it myself in ten minute's. Should of charged myself
$180 an hour!! Or should I go in to the battery instillation buisness?

I even swapped my battery for the one in my wife's Audi, this took 15
minute's.  Ok my bust I should of took the manditory 20, but I was 

I think the "Dealerrip" charges $35, cause his little book tells him 
too!  Plus they do that 18 point inspection to let you now your brakes
are completly worn and federal law prohibits them from letting the car
out of their shop with bad brakes, so you grt it fixxed.

Over all that $35 batt-ripp instillation will cost you $600. 

Oh well, you got new brakes out of the deal!